Get Into the Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself

We back up that motto with comprehensive franchise support that is with you every step of the way as you open, manage and grow your business.

Comprehensive Training in Every Facet of the Business

Our Sure Start training program takes you through classroom-style sales and marketing training and hands-on service training, so you know how to manage every aspect of your business.

Powerful Technology Makes Back-Office Work Easy

Our proprietary business management software simplifies your day-to-day duties. It's an all-in-one system for job estimates, tracking leads, advice on leadership and workplace culture, and more.

Assembling a Team of Service-Minded Professionals

Our franchise owners take advantage of an easy-to-use, third-party hiring and onboarding platform. We also provide continuous learning programs to help you find and train your crew precisely as you see fit.

They'll See You Coming from Miles Away

Our brand's national presence lends itself to innovative strategies and powerful marketing collateral to boost visibility in your community and bring in a continuous stream of homeowners seeking your services.

Continuous Hands-On Support

Get ongoing training and guidance from a seasoned Franchise Business Coach and a network of other accomplished Window Genie franchise owners dedicated to your success.

Preferred Vendor Discounts and Rebates

At Window Genie, as part of Neighborly, we are excited to offer franchise owners the opportunity for membership in our preferred vendor discount and rebate program via ProTradeNet. 

With the power of this partner and program, we are able to offer equipment, supplies, products, and insurance to our franchise owners at discounted prices not available to independent business owners. In addition, we offer a rebate program, which results in millions of dollars in annual rebates across the Neighborly family of brands.

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A Part of the Neighborly® Family of Service Brands

Not only will you enjoy the extensive support and services provided by Window Genie with your franchise, but you will also become part of our parent company. Neighborly® is the world's largest and fastest-growing family of home service brands with 29 home service brands and more than 4,800 franchises in nine countries.

As a part of Neighborly®, Window Genie franchise owners may gain exposure and leads via customers of other Neighborly® brand franchises in their community. We also offer cross-marketing promotions and campaigns to generate business for our Neighborly® family of home service brands. This is just one more way Window Genie supports you.

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