Vendor Relations for Neighborly® Brand Franchise Owners

Neighborly® brand franchise owners can use ProTradeNet® (PTN) for vendor relations. PTN leverages the buying power of all Neighborly® brand franchise owners to secure special pricing, negotiate rebates, and develop strong business relationships and improved communication between preferred external vendors and franchise owners. This program is completely unique to Neighborly brand franchisees and is one major way franchise owners can find long-term success.

What Is ProTradeNet?

ProTradeNet, is a benefit available only to Neighborly brand franchise owners. It strives to be a complete supply-chain solution, fulfilling product, service, and business needs through elite, national vendors. Due to the established relationships between PTN and preferred vendors, franchise owners can receive special pricing, rebates, exclusive opportunities, and more. This allows them to create stronger and more beneficial vendor relationships.

In 2022, Neighborly brand franchise owners who joined PTN collectively received over $8.5 million in rebates and $104 million in up-front savings.

Other Benefits of PTN for Neighborly Brand Franchise Owners

ProTradeNet Wheel

Here are a few additional ways you can benefit from using PTN:

  • Exclusive business opportunities

    PTN strives to create significant opportunities not typically available to independent business owners, while giving access to the buying power of thousands of organizations.
  • Elite vendors invested in your success

    PTN is selective when it comes to preferred vendors, accepting only national vendors that can provide quality products and services. Every preferred vendor must also provide excellent customer service to our franchise owners and adhere to the Neighborly Code of Values.
  • Time and money savings

    PTN leverages the buying power of a billion-dollar company to negotiate rebates and special pricing on franchise owners’ collective behalf. It also provides improved communications with vendors and enhanced support through a dedicated PTN contact who can answer questions and be an advocate. ProTradeNet does the heavy lifting so you can get back to running your business.

Are You a Vendor?

To learn more about how you connect with thousands of business owners and become a ProTradeNet preferred vendor, visit the ProTradeNet vendor application page.
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