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Starting a Window Cleaning Business

Open Your Window to a Brighter Future

See clearly what a Window Genie® franchise could do for your lifestyle.

Cleaning-related businesses make up a large portion of service franchises. During your research on franchise ownership opportunities, we are sure that you have come across more than one article highlighting the size of the cleaning services sector. Research firm, IBIS World, projected in 2021 the residential cleaning service franchise industry would end year with $899.9 million in generated revenue.

Window cleaning services fall into this category and are a compelling franchise sector worth consideration. A home generally represents the largest investment a family will make in their lives, so homeowners are motivated to keep their property looking good, including clean windows. This makes window cleaning a recession-resilient business.
Homeowners who regularly clean their windows enjoy:

  • A clearer view of the outside world
  • Superior glass protection against the elements
  • Reduced heating & electric bills by improving insulation qualities
  • Enhanced home values when selling

These benefits help create a large consumer audience that is often quite receptive to contracting for window cleaning services.
Window Genie® is one of the industry's premier franchises with over 20 years of experience supporting more than 125 franchise owners.

Look closer at what owning a Window Genie franchise could mean for you!

Why Window Genie?

An Easy Decision. Go With the Industry Leader.

Window Genie is the country's largest residentially focused window cleaning service brand. For over 20 years, Window Genie has empowered our franchise owners to grow professionally, create a better lifestyle, and take charge of their personal futures.

We have over 125 franchise owners serving customers throughout the U.S. and Canada providing year-round services that include window cleaning, pressure washing, window tinting, gutter cleaning, and holiday lighting.

Powerful Advantages for our Franchise Owners

  • True executive ownership: no need to handle the squeegee
  • Simple operations
  • Small footprint, with no initial office space required
  • The ideal setup for recurring revenue
  • Diversified, year-round service offerings—Window cleaning, gutter cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, and more.
  • A family-friendly workweek with a flexible schedule
  • Ongoing training and integrated marketing support with a digital focus
  • Many experience levels welcome
  • ProTradeNet® vendor buying power for discounts and rebates
  • Designated Territories
  • A network that puts positive culture first.

An Award-Winning Franchise

Window Genie is frequently recognized as an industry-leading franchise according to the top research and rating firms, including:

  • Franchise Business Review
  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500®

What We Do

Beautifying Homes and Helping Build Your Business

Window Genie is a leader in home cleaning services. We specialize in window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. Our services are needed year-round, and our experience over two decades has shown our business model shows resilience in a variety of economic situations.

Window Genie can be a mobile, home-based business with a low cost of entry. Our simple and robust business model appeals to everyone, from experienced business owners to people who've always dreamed of opening their own businesses.

Our franchise owners quickly learn you don't need to invest in "brick and mortar" locations or high capital machinery to have a real business.

Benefits of Owning a Window Genie Franchise

"Our Window Genie franchise owners thrive on the ability to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves."

A Better Work Schedule

We are a Monday – Friday business working 9-5 hours. Our customers like to have our services completed before they return home from work, so you are out of their home typically by 5 p.m. This is a key business component if you are looking for more control of your time and personal freedom.

Multiple Service Offerings

With Multiple Service Offerings, franchise owners can generate year-round business through various avenues:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Window Tinting
  • Holiday Lights

Repeat Services

Most of our services are performed on an ongoing basis. Except for window film, which is a one-time install, our primary services are typically used between 2 and 4 times per year, providing franchisees with a recurring business opportunity.

How We Support You


Marketing is the engine that drives your business development program and, ultimately, your business success. Yet, today, effective prospecting requires finely-tuned traditional and digital marketing skills, which few small businesses have.

Our Window Genie robust marketing system is designed to promote your window cleaning franchise to the broadest and most desirable audience by utilizing all the essential tools that you will need to establish a powerful presence in your territory. Those tools include:

  • Local website
  • CRM – Email campaigns
  • Local business marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media account management
  • Customer feedback
  • Client retention strategies

Why The Residential Window Cleaning Industry?

A Niche Space

Within the cleaning industry, there is fierce competition. More than 50 franchise brands offer office cleaning, home cleaning, or carpet cleaning services. Yet one segment of the popular cleaning industry isn't overcrowded with franchise systems: Residential window cleaning. That creates an opportunity for you to own a franchise where you can quickly impact the market and jump-start your business.

A Balanced Life

Also, people don't need emergency window services at 8 p.m. on a Thursday. In other words, you can build your business without sacrificing your personal life. Our franchise owners often tell us how glad they are to have stayed away from retail and restaurant businesses (and the grueling hours those sectors require) when deciding to invest in a Window Genie franchise location.

Healthy Demand

Demand for window cleaning services is strong, and as a repeat service, you can continue to serve your customers year after year, building a residual income business. Windows, decks, gutters, and sidewalks get dirty no matter what the economy does. People who value a clean home continue to spend on maintaining and caring for their largest investment.

Ideal Franchise Owner

A Heart for Service and a Drive to Succeed

Our roster of franchise owners includes people from diverse backgrounds, including CPAs, engineers, sales reps, veterinarians, and former fast-food franchise owners. While their experiences vary, the common thread among all our franchisees is a desire to succeed at owning their own business.

To be successful as a Window Genie franchise owner, you don't have to be highly specialized. If you have a sound business mind, a high desire to succeed, and you are trainable and coachable, Window Genie can help you build the business you envision.

The System

Get a Clear View of Success

Window Genie® began offering window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window tinting services to homes and businesses in 1994 — and the brand has grown steadily ever since.

When you own and operate a Window Genie® franchise, you’re supported by Neighborly®’s comprehensive system, which includes training, marketing, tools, and vendor discounts.

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