Our marketing team focuses on providing you tools to build awareness and grow your ShelfGenie business within your local market. We make it simple for you to focus on building your business by providing tools such as:

  • Local website

  • CRM – Email campaigns
  • Local business marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media account management
  • Customer feedback
  • Client retention strategies
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Operational and Sales Support

The other important support area is operational, primarily related to sales management and driven by the Business Support Center at our home office. It's where our 10-plus years of experience working with ShelfGenie customers and potential clients benefits you. This sales-management support falls into three main areas:


Agents at our Business Support Center are responsible for fielding inquiries from potential customers for you. Whether they reach out via telephone, online searches, e-mail messages, or texts — our agents are available to take all of these inbound communications from potential clients to help you convert them into opportunities for follow-up.


As you develop leads on your own, our Business Support Center agents are prepared to follow up with prospects, schedule appointments, and help secure them as new customers. We follow up with prospects who have expressed interest in ShelfGenie but haven't scheduled an appointment. Agents from our Business Support Center also follow up with prospects who have interacted with you at home shows or vendor fairs.


As a ShelfGenie franchise owner, you have access to our proprietary business-management system, WishPortal. This central, co-managed, digital platform allows ShelfGenie to conduct routine business, stay connected to you, and act as the brand's customer relationship management platform.

The WishPortal allows you to manage your business and coordinate activity with ShelfGenie corporate office to ensure your franchise is continually operating at peak level.

We believe these are unrivaled support services and are another key reason why ShelfGenie is the business opportunity you've been searching for.

Preferred Vendor Discounts and Rebates

At ShelfGenie, as part of Neighborly, we are excited to offer franchise owners the opportunity for membership in our preferred vendor discount and rebate program via ProTradeNet. 

With the power of this partner and program, we are able to offer equipment, supplies, products, and insurance to our franchise owners at discounted prices not available to independent business owners. In addition, we offer a rebate program, which results in millions of dollars in annual rebates across the Neighborly family of brands.

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A Part of the Neighborly® Family of Service Brands

Not only will you enjoy the extensive support and services provided by ShelfGenie with your franchise, but you will also become part of Neighborly, the world's largest and fastest-growing family of home service brands with 30 home service brands and more than 5,000 franchises in six countries.

As a part of Neighborly, ShelfGenie franchise owners may gain exposure and leads via customers of other Neighborly brand franchises in their community. We also offer cross-marketing promotions and campaigns to generate business for our Neighborly family of home service brands. This is just one more way ShelfGenie supports you.

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