The success of your franchise is highly dependent upon your ability to reach new prospects, convert them into customers, and retain them as valued clients for years to come. That means having marketing strategies in place that draw the right customers to you and help you win and sustain their business.

Our robust marketing system is designed to promote your franchise to the broadest and most suitable audience by utilizing all the essential tools – traditional and digital – that you will need to establish a powerful presence in your territory. Those tools include:

  • Local website
  • CRM – Email campaigns
  • Local business marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media account management
  • Customer feedback
  • Client retention strategies
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We realize you have a business to run. Our comprehensive initial and ongoing training programs help you feel confident and comfortable as you begin your franchise ownership journey.


  • Extensive onboarding process including 8-13 weeks of systems and business training.
  • One week of in-person Sure Start Training
  • Weekly ongoing training until Grand Opening week.
  • A mix of self-paced and collaborative online learning.
  • Individually tailored strategic budgeting, marketing and operational planning.

Continued Education Opportunities

  • Over 48 annual training opportunities
  • All-day training events, weekly webinars and more
  • Shadowing other successful owners learning processes and procedures

Operations & Technology

  • We connect you with the Sure Start Coordinator who will support you throughout your onboarding and business setup
  • We then assign you a Franchise Business Coach once initial training is completed, who will support your needs in launching and growing your business
  • We provide access to our suite of software systems such as the CRM and POS management tool, , including frontline service and support, customer satisfaction, recruiting and retention, marketing and sales, and financial awareness of your unique overhead needs

Preferred Vendor Discounts and Rebates

At Lawn Pride, as part of Neighborly, we are excited to offer franchise owners the opportunity for membership in our preferred vendor discount and rebate program via ProTradeNetTradeNet. With the power of this partner and program, we are able to offer equipment, supplies, products and insurance to our franchise owners at discounted prices not available to independent business owners. In addition, we offer a rebate program, which results in millions of dollars in annual rebates across the Neighborly family of brands.

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A Part of the Neighborly® Family of Service Brands

Not only will you enjoy the extensive support and services provided by Lawn Pride with your lawn care franchise, but you will also become part of Neighborly, the world's largest and fastest-growing family of home service brands with over 30 home service brands and more than 5,000 franchises in nine countries.

As a part of Neighborly, Lawn Pride franchise owners may gain exposure and leads via customers of other Neighborly brand franchises in their community. We also offer cross-marketing promotions and campaigns to generate business for our Neighborly family of home service brands. This is just one more way Lawn Pride supports you.

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