Investment and Qualifications

Here’s an overview of the franchise fee, initial investment, and financial qualifications of becoming a franchise owner with Lawn Pride.

Initial Franchise Fee
Total Estimated Initial Investment
Available Liquid Capital
Minimum Net Worth
*See Item 5 and Item 7 of 2024 Lawn Pride SPV LLC Franchise Disclosure Document for full details.

Factors Determining Lawn Pride Costs

Our knowledgeable Franchise Developers are ready to answer any of your questions about Lawn Pride franchise costs.  For example, if you are interested in exploring your financing options like 401(k) rollover and SBA loans, existing real estate, and any discounts that you may qualify for. To get answers to your questions, complete this form below and set up your one-on-one conversation with us.


Territory Size

Your territory size is based on where you want to operate, the number of single family households , any areas to which you would like to expand, where your current customers are (if you have an existing business), and other factors. Territory size may cause variations in your initial Lawn Pride franchise cost.

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Startup costs

We calculate how much a franchise costs based on your individual needs and circumstances. You may be starting from scratch with the purchase of new equipment, vehicles, supplies, and supplementary marketing. Or maybe you’re simply rebranding your current business. Either way, we’ll fully explain the required investment.

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Veterans discount

In recognition of service to our country, we offer a discount of 20% off the initial franchise fee to honorably discharged veterans who qualify via the VetFran program guidelines.

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Franchise Financing Options

Being your own boss and securing the funding to do so is in reach. There are many options to funding your franchise investment such as:

  • Self-funding with payment in full
  • Third-Party Lenders
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans
  • Investment Account Rollovers
  • Line of Credit*
  • Franchisor Financing*

When you open a franchise with Lawn Pride, you have a network of experts and resources available to help you successfully launch your business. Please consult with your local counsel and financial advisor to determine which option is best for you.

*Available only with select Neighborly® brands; ask your Franchise Developer